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Begin Your Journey to Happiness

Nocouchtherapy Welcomes is a leading senior care resource for family caregivers seeking information and support aging parents, spouses, and other loved ones. We have been featured by AARP, The Administration for Community Living, The National Legal Resource Center, and Forbes, as well as referenced by many governmental agencies and organizations across the internet.

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With my Anxiety and Depression I get the help I need when I need it,
from the comfort and privacy of my location.


No Couch Therapy means no office visits or commuting hassles. I get help when and where I need help. 

Terry understands how frustrating it can be to be exhausted from Multiple Sclerosis and still need to access mental health support. 

-Linda Travis-

Meet Dr.Martin
& Your Tribe!

. . .

We debrief, regularly and when it's needed.
You talk, We l
isten using strategic methods.
We keep you emotionally engaged.
We talk, you listen we all move forward.

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“For persons with relapsing-remitting MS , early in the disease, depression appears to be linked to inflammatory processes. Later, in the secondary-progressive phase, unhelpful thoughts, such as feelings of guilt, worthlessness or hopelessness are more frequent.

So the depression in this case is thought to be more reactive — linked to frustrations with lifestyle changes or loss of function,” Call me, I was diagnosed with MS  37 years ago.  I hear you.  480-322-1955. Doc.

Grow Your Vision

Therapeutic Coaching helps you grow. 
Today is the day - because tomorrow never comes.

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One of our favorite
'Thank You' notes. 

New Episodes Saturday on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, and many more.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Therapeutic Coaching, Anxiety, Depression and Grief. 

Business and personal growth. 


Mental Health Evaluation

Maybe you just need to be heard. 
Mental health balancing is often the missing key. Let's unlock it. 


We are a team.
There are three of us. 
Diagnosis, DBT, Debriefing. 


Patient Advocacy &
Senior Services for mental health issues. 

If you need an advocate for your family member or yourself we have remote HIPAA compliant packages.  



All sessions are through Telehealth HIPAA compliant and transcribed if you choose.


Texting when needed. 

Anxiety doesn't have a schedule.

Text us any time. 

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