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NoCouchTherapy treats anxiety and depression

Whenever you need it

Via Telehealth, text and email.

The NoCouchTherapy™ Story
My Anxiety and Depression patients get the help they need when they need it, from the comfort and privacy of the location of their choice.
No Couch Therapy means no office visits or commuting hassles. Patients call from their home, not to mention their cars, basements even garages...where ever they find privacy. Whatever works for you works for us.

Meet Dr. Terry Martin
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Our specialty is helping patients overcome anxiety and depression disorders, both personally and as it relates to their job performance. I believe in a strong doctor/patient commitment. For patients that means sharing your story: places you've left footprints and sincere feelings. For me it means keeping a confidence, listening in search of the truth, measuring emotions and with encouragement guiding you to a place you may never have quite known before.
A Word About Therapy
Therapy is a shared journey, a shared process. It is ultimately your journey. You will make your own decisions. Your response shapes the direction of our work. I may not have answers to all your questions. I offer opinions and suggestions from time to time, but will not tell you what to do         

What to Expect
Lots of patients call me Terry, both in and out of session, a reflection of the relaxed, effective way we connect. There is no better testimonial and it happens instinctively due to a compassionate approach.



In the Words of Our Patients
"What I like about Terry is it's impossible to come away from a session without having light moments to take the edge off discussing tough issues."
"Therapy with Terry is like someone gently walking through your brain, looking around and saying, "This is how you're living?"​
"When therapy first entered my mind I thought I'd rather go to the dentist. But I was wrong. Terry Martin should copyright her approach to helping patients. I appreciate everything she has done for me."
"Therapy Hugs have become my go-to gift. What a great way to help people. I've never received so many thank you messages"
The amazing thing about Terry, well one of them, is the way her patients predictably come to terms by themselves, though few of us realize it at the time." ​​

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Monday Lisa
Terry and her partner Bob Cayne publish a weekly Monday Lisa column with new, interesting perspectives on human behavior.
Monday Lisa is Terry's nom de plume, and why not? After all, a picture says a thousand words. We hope you will read and enjoy it.

What Terry Martin Looks Forward To
A former patient calling to reconnect saying, "I need a thousand-mile inspection," or "I could use a little added support."
And then there was this comment: "I'd pay Dr. Martin just to hear her voice."
When life gets in the way I'm always happy to oblige. Perhaps that's something to keep in mind. If so, please call. 480-322-1955
Let's see if I can help you.

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