Is Concierge Therapeutic Coaching For You?

Welcome to No Couch Therapy, my concierge practice. I coach patients with anxiety and depression disorders via phone, text and email, anytime from anywhere, without office distractions or commuting hassles. I have continuous dialog with my patients. They get help precisely when they need it and that leads to better results. It's a win-win situation.    

                                                                                                 Terry Martin Ph.D                         

The kindest words of all...

Hi Terry! Today is my one year anniversary. I just listened

to my voice messages from a year ago, listened to my own words and read my own thoughts. Reading your replies to

my messages, I realize that there was such noise in my head.

Such chaos…That I wasn’t always hearing you. Of course you were right with every single thing you said. But I did one smart thing. I trusted your advice and followed thru, even if I didn’t understand. I designated you as my brain, as mine didn’t function, and just went with it. And are you  amazing, or what?

I just want to thank you again. For saving me from myself.

Meet Dr. Terry Martin

Dr. Terry Martin, with more than 30-years experience in private practice, specializes in helping patients who suffer from anxiety and depression. People from all walks of life, even C-suite executives, have benefitted from her coaching and support.

Dr. Martin is in Scottsdale, AZ, but she serves patients globally with her Concierge Practice, No Couch Therapy.

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Anxiety and Depression

You can suffer from high-functioning anxiety and depression.

People who have these disorders commonly display disruptions in their performance at work, progress at school or when participating in social functions.

Although high-functioning anxiety and depression symptoms are concealed and not apparent, they are present (as in the illustration more exists beneath the surface). They suffer in silence even though they appear fine and often excel at accomplishing tasks and goals.


You are not alone, For more information call, text or email


Personalized Service

A strong doctor-patient relationship is imperative and key to achieving your goals.

My approach is warm and empathetic, yet direct and authentic. Working together, I will help you identify your challenges, and offer support and encouragement as you take the necessary steps

After each one-hour telephone session, you will receive an email that recaps our discussion and provides specific suggestions and advice to be integrated into your daily life. The process holds you accountable and keeps you on track.

 No Couch Therapy Sessions


Starting therapy may seem a bit scary. But when something is troubling you, reaching out for help to improve your mental health is a positive step. My job is to assist you.


I encourage patients who never participated in therapy to share their thoughts and feelings. I’ll ask a lot of questions and encourage my patients to ask me questions. Communicating openly is productive.


When you have a lot to talk about and we work through your challenges together therapy coaching can be a rewarding experience. 


But some patients don’t have much to say. Discussing issues may be exhausting and their brain (or mental computer) needs a break. That’s fine, quite normal in fact. 


Not knowing what to say in therapy is like writer’s block. When you want to tell a story but are unable to find the words it’s frustrating. Don’t worry if you can’t figure it out. A big breakthrough may be on the way.


I discuss what’s working with my patients. Therapy isn’t always about negative things it is also about acknowledging successes and triumphs.


Some patients say things to impress me. That may sound funny but I don’t mind at all. Therapy sessions are your time and you have the right to say or not say anything you want.


I expect patients to say what’s on their minds. Sometimes an unusual remark can lead to an issue worth exploring.


If you happen to be overthinking a situation I’ll help you figure out what’s going on by getting you to dig deeper.


At the end of an initial complimententary consultation we will mutually discuss whether we should continue therapy. I'll explain that No Couch Therapy sessions always start on time, payment is due on time, and ask if there are any questions.


All things being equal, we will schedule future sessions. 

Concierge Plans and Fees


Therapeutic Coaching Sessions: after an initial complimentary session

Select the plan that works for you:

• Unlimited Email & Text  $400 monthly.  


• One-Hour Telephone Therapeutic Coaching Sessions  $225
    without package. 


• Four One-Hour Telephone Sessions, Therapeutic Coaching
  Text and Email  $680 monthly

​                Payment Options

                 PayPal, Zelle, Debit Cards,
                 Credit Cards, Venmo  
                  We do not accept insurance



Payments are due on the 2nd of the month

Sessions are scheduled at the beginning of the month

No refunds for missed or canceled appointments

Contact Dr. Martin

phone/text: 480-322-1955



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