If standing up for yourself burns a bridge,

I have matches.

We ride at dawn...


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Not everyone needs Therapy   You may just need to be heard.
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                     Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
                                  Psychiatric Consultation. 






              Dr. Terry Martin, CEO 



 Transitional Life Consultants 
                                    Victoria Caltabiano, LMSW, AHCP-SW 
            'Care enough to do the details'

            A T.L.C. Doula is a specially-trained and            
            extremely knowledgeable professional who provides
            comprehensive support to individuals and families.
            This includes education and guidance as well as
            emotional, spiritual, and practical care.


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Together, we can transform the mental health field to improve the lives of the millions of people suffering from mental illness.

    A Must Read for 2023

'Sometimes we don't want to heal
because the pain is the last link to what we've lost.'

We hear you! 

   Our  coaching is a smooth, guided process, one that is
easy on you. At the same time, it also gives us 

  valuable insight so we can achieve the results you’re
looking for and need.




                                                                  Helen Solinski, BCPA


Have you ever left the doctor's office not sure what
you needed to do next or felt your concerns were not
heard during your appointment? 


Do charges on your medical bills seem impossible
to decipher? Has an injury left you unable to work and wondering what options are available to you?


Our Team will guide you through the healthcare system.
We are  your liaison between  healthcare providers, lawyers, insurance companies, and other entities that impact you
or a loved one’s care .

Podcast Producer, Editor & Co-Host

Bob Cayne, M.A. 
Author of 

'Nothing Major' & 'Have Clubs Will Travel


A weekly PODCAST of helpful
insight on Mental Health.


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Positive psychology and neuroplasticity for a progressive mindset.

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Billing is monthly.
And the month is paid upon
receipt of invoice.
Four Telehealth sessions each month,
$480. 00 is  the initial
monthly fee.


There are no refunds.
Missing sessions defeats the process.
You must believe you are
worth the investment.
we can discuss the fee if you feel you need help.