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Starting today, anyone experiencing a mental health, substance use, or suicide crisis can call or text 988 or chat with the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988

Therapeutic Coaching (also known as psychotherapy, counseling, or “talk therapy”) using evidence-based techniques and intentional dialogue as the primary tools for growth and discovery. 


There are key differences:
Coaching focuses primarily on the present and future, therapy focuses on the past, present, and future. Coaching is focused on personal growth and professional development, while therapy is designed to help you work through deeper issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma or grief. 


Ph.D. Clinical Therapeutic Coaching 
Neuroscience Review. 




Ready for a massive shift?

Terry Martin’s NoCouchTherapy
Reshapes Lives

 Success and prosperity are all about
balancing your personal life and career.

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Let’s talk... 
Don’t hesitate, ''Someday' never comes. 

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There is a common thread to all:
See for yourself.

Office/ Appointment Hours
Tuesday  and Thursday Only

9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Monthly fee 
All Major CC Accepted 





'Grief is Love with Nowhere to go.'
Loss is traumatic, sudden or not.
Let's talk about those feelings.
Grief feels a lot like fear. 

Call -480-322-1955


Grieving allows us to heal, to remember with love rather than pain.
It is a sorting process.
One by one you let go of things that are gone and you mourn for them.
One by one you take hold of the things that have become a part of who you are and build again. 


—Rachel Naomi Remen 

If standing up for yourself burns a bridge,
I have matches.
We ride at dawn...


Areas of Expertise

  • Counseling 
  • Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  •  Psychiatric Consultation.


'Sometimes we don't want to heal
because the pain is the last link to what we've lost.'

I hear you! 

My coaching is a smooth, guided process, one that is easy on you. At the same time, it also gives me valuable insight so we can achieve the results you’re looking for.


Have I mentioned that I love what I do?
My goal is to make myself obsolete,
one patient at a time.
Let’s get started.

Treatment Philosophy

When something troubles you,
reaching out for help
is a positive step.
I respect that. 


Billing is monthly.
And the month is paid upon
receipt of invoice.
Four Telehealth sessions each month,
$480 is the initial monthly fee.


There are no refunds.
Missing sessions defeats the process.
You must believe you are
worth the investment.


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Tel: 480-322-1955
Text: 480-322-1955

What is the difference between:

I like you & I love you.

Beautifully answered by Buddha: 

When you like a flower, you just pluck it.
But when you love a flower, you water it daily...!

One who understands this, understands life.