Dr. Terry Martin


Treatment Philosophy

When something troubles you, reaching out for help is a positive step. I respect that.


You will find I’m compassionate, yet firmly dedicated to helping you resolve issues. To that end, the more you openly disclose and honestly discuss your anxiety or depression, the more you will gain from the experience.


Be honest about yourself and discuss what’s working and not working. 


PS: My patients openly say I helped them improve their life. That pretty much dispels any ‘shrink with a note pad’ image. 

Hi Terry...

Today is my one year anniversary. To celebrate, I listened to my voice messages from a year ago. I heard my words and my thoughts. I read your replies to my messages. I realize that there was such noise in my head. Such chaos that I wasn’t always hearing you. Of course you were right, with every single thing you said.


I did one smart thing, though. I trusted your advice and followed thru, even if I didn’t understand. I designated you as my brain (mine didn’t function) and just went with it. Are you  amazing, or what? I just want to thank you again. For saving me from myself. 

Saint Sulpice, Switzerland

• • •

We just had our wedding and I want to send you a special message. You know, at first I wouldn't have made it. The medications didn't work, all those different doctors didn't work, the only thing that worked was therapy, your therapy. You're my angel. This family will forever be grateful for what you did. I'm so appreciative. Thank you.

Phoenix, Arizona

• • •

Wanting to check in with you. When you told me I was on my way and gave me an optimistic outlook on the loss of my mother it was close to impossible to believe. It took time and lots of work, but you brought me through the experience with more self esteem, knowledge, empathy and appreciation for the wonder and fragility of life. You told me in our third session that death changes people. It has, and for the good. I was fortunate to have you as my guide..

Dallas, Texas