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“We’re all stories in the end.
Just make it a good one, eh?”

                         - The Doctor, Doctor Who

The Question that changed my life.


In 1987, my world fell apart.
I was given a major life changing diagnosis.  
It was one of the darkest times I’d known.


That year, a friend trying to help, suggested a book
about how difficult times can help us grow. 
As a corporate therapeutic coach,
with a medical 

neuroscience background I was aware of

the amount of energy needed to continue

my career and raise my family.

 Multiple Sclerosis was an overwhelming diagnosis. 
The question was 



Tell us your Story. 

Storytelling about your life is healing. 
everyone has a story we want to hear yours. 

With my Anxiety and Depression I get the help I need when I need it,
from the comfort and privacy of my location.


No Couch Therapy means no office visits or commuting hassles. I get help when and where I need help. 

Terry understands how frustrating it can be to be exhausted from Multiple Sclerosis and still need to access mental health support. 


Smiling Mature Man

“ When I initiated my search for a Coach, I had no idea a person like Dr. Martin existed. She is so much more than a Therapeutic Coach. Our work together was never ‘work” I always felt a deep connection, a professional approach, and a place to capture what I really wanted, my family, my work and myself. Terry made that possible. Listening judgement -free, addressing what was a priority at different times, always direct and encouraging. I LOVE what we accomplished together.”

“Terry helped me with business strategy, relationship issues, understanding my own path. I started the process unclear, but she encouraged me to go for it and worked step by step with gentle yet firm guidance. She educated me, always in a collaborative way helping me engage work, family and still be myself at all times.”  

And, I never had to leave my office for an appointment...



 Walking would gradually disappear for me, I found canes, sticks, electric  wheel chairs, scooters and helpers to do what my legs couldn't do. 

My mind was still the same mind it had always been. Much of my work became teaching others - just because a part of you isn't doing what it used to do, or you've lost something you used to have doesn't mean there isn't something else to get you to the finish line. 

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