Perfectly Hidden Depression (PHD)

Patients who present with perfectly hidden depression (PHD) are not used to openly talking about themselves. Self compassion is not common.


There is an emotional disconnect between the pain they express and the feelings they struggle to identify. Crying makes them uncomfortable, they think it is a sign of weakness. They talk about strange, secret impulses to drive off the road, then don a mask of happiness and confess, “I have a good partner and family, I'm just a little stressed."

PHD patients are highly organized. They have demanding professions that keep them busy. To their friends they appear quite normal under the circumstances, even outgoing and humorous.


PHD is common among physicians and healthcare providers who have incredibly high expectations of themselves. Their emotional pain is masked by an obsessively cheerful demeanor. 


While their appearance seems perfect, seeming perfect isn’t being perfect.

No Couch Therapy helps perfectly hidden depression patients begin living a happy and unmasked life, once again.

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