Dr. Martin, I am so grateful to you for your insight and direction. I arrived with multiple complications, a lack of direction and hardly any idea of what your coaching could do to help me. In all honestly, I was skeptical at first. You made me feel comfortable from the time we met and reassured me that discussing my situation openly would lead to a positive end result. You are perceptive and your evaluation was on the mark. Together we worked step by step to rid the burdens in my life. You knew what I needed to do to change and your help and encouragement enabled me  to move forward with my life. My time with you has made me a new person. You're the BEST.

Doc, I can't believe how you methodically evaluated what was going on in my life. You are an attentive observer. You asked all the right questions and  pinpointed the most effective steps to bring about change. Not only did you show me how to correct negative things, but you built on my strengths. That was amazing. You made me work at the process, wouldn't accept deviation or distraction from the logical steps I had to take and changes I had to make. The most amazing thing is my family life is back on tract and my job performance at work is vastly improved. I am forever grateful for your guidance. 

Flexible. Intuitive. Responsive. Caring. Those are the things I cherish about Dr. Martin's coaching. During our initial consultation she help me clarify my thoughts about career transition. She identified what I needed to do to move forward, began to discuss the various steps I had to take and made it clear that there was work for me to do, I bought into the process. Looking back, the way Dr. Martin was always available when I needed help or advice was what kept me on track. I highly recommend Dr. Martin as a career therapeutic coach. Her followthrough is remarkable as well as her steadfast positive attitude. We stay in touch now and then. She is always receptive when I text her if I hit a bump in the road. How good is that?

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